There is a wide array of informative and relevant content available on the HANA Hudson Valley Nurses Association’s website publications page, which serves as a comprehensive hub for accessing an assortment of information pertaining to the nursing profession and the healthcare landscape, as well as comprehensive links to other websites. It provides a library of articles, research papers, newsletters, and other valuable publications that cater to the needs and interests of nursing professionals, students, and individuals who are passionate about healthcare within the Hudson Valley region, as well as other interested parties.

We provide a wealth of information on nursing publications, from the latest advancements in medical technology to insights into evidence-based practice to health policy updates to stories about local nurses highlighting their achievements. The publications page is an important part of staying informed, engaged, and connected within the dynamic field of nursing. With this platform, HANA fosters a sense of community and knowledge-sharing among its members, providing them with the ability to continuously enhance their expertise and contribute in a meaningful way to a rapidly evolving healthcare industry.