COVID-19 has forced the world into living a new way of life. This “new normal” has taught us that wearing a mask is an act of love, the “smize” is the newest form of human expression, and work meetings and school are done on Zoom. Additionally, the pandemic has exposed the harsh realities of healthcare disparities, access to healthcare and the impact of chronic illness. It’s been a challenging year for sure and one that has shown our organization that there is an opportunity to do more for our community.

In the early days of the pandemic, HANA of Hudson Valley, NY, Inc. appeared on various radio shows to provide clarity on the coronavirus, while explaining how to keep safe and minimize the risk for exposure. What we clearly saw was the need for more knowledge sharing and not just on concerns pertaining to COVID-19, but on all matters of health. With that said our organization has partnered with Radio Generation 2000 to create the Health & Wellness Hosted by HANA; a weekly 2 hour radio show dedicated to helping our community increase their health literacy, know the signs and symptoms of illness and to hopefully, motivate our audience towards a healthy lifestyle of mind, body and spirit. We invite you to listen to our show every Wednesday at 7-9pm EST on 87.9FM. You can also listen online on or via phone at 605-472-9366. Join us, pou nou kapab bien vivre en santé!

Bianca Lubin, BS, BSN, RN