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To provide nurses the opportunity to unite as a group, to share and provide ideas of interest and to become effectively involved with the issues and services relevant to the health and welfare of  immediate communities and abroad.

Welcome to
Haitian American Nurses Association of Hudson Valley, New York.

Haitian American Nursing Association

Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA) of Hudson Valley, New York. is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit nursing organization. HANA of Hudson Valley, New York, was founded in 2008 by Registered Nurse, Berthilde Dufrene,  following a disastrous flood that took place in the northwestern region of Haiti. The need to create a nursing organization was necessary not only  to reach out to the global community,  but to also address the health and socioeconomic concerns in the immediate Rockland community.  Since then, our members have participated in several missions around the world.

HANA of Hudson Valley, New York, was preceded by HANA of Florida which was established in 1984 in South Florida. Currently, HANA has  several chapters nationwide in the states of Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Illinois, New Jersey and New York.

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Our President's Message

My name is Marlyn Lestage-Laforest and I am the President of the Haitian American Nurses Association of Hudson Valley, New York (HANA). HANA is a nonprofit, 501 (c) 3 nursing organization. Our mission is to provide a platform for nurses to unite in exchange ideas regarding wellness and public health matters relevant to our community. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and to better understand our work.



  • Marlyn Lestage-Laforest


    Marlyn joined the Obstetrical and Gynecological team at Jacobi Medical Center in 2004. She continues to provide full- scope midwifery care to women and…

  • Bibiane Dimanche Sykes

    MSNEd, LNC, RN
    Immediate Past President

    Bibiane Dimanche Sykes was born in the country of Haiti, to parents Raphael and Agnes Dimanche. Her father, a prominent judge in Haiti, and her mother…

  • Farah Fils-Aime

    BSN, RN
    First Vice-President

    Farrah Fils-Aimé RN, BSN is the proud eldest of five children and the only daughter of Jerome and Marie-Marthe Fils-Aimé who migrated to the United States…

  • Jennifer Morin

    BSN, RN
    Second Vice-President

    Jennifer Morin was born on May 13th in Brooklyn, New York to Haitian immigrants Raymond and Mimose Morin. Jennifer is the middle child of three daughters…

  • Christel-Ann Augustin

    BA, BSN, RN

    Christel-Ann Augustin is Pediatric nurse specializing in cardiology and gastrointestinal. Her route wasn’t as traditional as most nurses because she first received her Bachelor’s in…

  • Rose-Andre Armand

    BSN, RN
    Corresponding Secretary

    Rose André Armand was born in the quaint town of St. Marc, Haiti, “Perle des Antilles.” She moved to Petite Riviere de L’Artibonite where she completed her…

  • Huguette Dempaire

    BSN, RN

    Huguette is a registered nurse with an extensive and diverse 30 years under her belt. Her qualifications include excellent nursing skills, as well as an upbeat, positive, personality…

  • Esther Louisme

    BSN, RN
    Assistant Treasurer

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