Is a Pediatric nurse specializing in cardiology and gastrointestinal. Her route was not as traditional as most nurses because she first received her Bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in health and wellness at Binghamton University. After graduating she took a year off to complete her prerequisites while also working at a pediatric office as a medical receptionist full time. Shortly before the year ended, with the help of her parents, family, and friends, she was able to enter the accelerated BSN program at Dominican College. Within 12 months she was able to graduate with honors from Dominican college. The program itself was extremely challenging, mentally, socially, and physically but she knew the goal at hand was well worth it.

While in school she joined HANA as a student. She found HANA to be a home away from home. She met many mentors, role models, and sisters, and most importantly mothers who guided her. She overcame her fear of public speaking while also strengthening many professional skills needed to excel in her career. Christel is a recipient of the millennial achievement award. She now serves as Secretary for the 2019-2021 board. All though it may be intimidating, she encourages all millennials to join. It is more than just an organization, it is a sisterhood. Christel found members of HANA to be there whether it pertained to school or personal issues. It was a supportive and inspirational environment. As Christel would like to state “You want to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can encourage you rather than detour you from your goals” HANA is always a call away.